Hi, my name is Reggie

People love my Buns

The session began with the group questioning the slaves(from Shinnerman’s fortune) they just rescued. They learned that another group of giants took a group of slaves and traveled ahead. They aren’t sure if Alderman Tarram Shinnerman is with the group. They doubted there would be any survivors in that group. They also learned that there is a giant cathedral they called Tinderhall, which you realized she meant Minderhall. None could remember the giant leaders name. p. p. While they camped for the night a friendly halfling approached the group. He introduced himself as Reggie Roundbuns. Upon learning that your party was heading into Minderhalls Valley he asked to join you. He was here on a task for some powerful wizard from Magnimar. He was collecting various spell ingredients from magical beasts known to be in the area. He promised and later proved to be very good to have on your side in a fight. And he made the most amazing roundbuns which sealed the deal. Truly Reggie was a friendly funloving sort all groups could use.p. With their new buddy in tow the group headed into Minderhalls valley. With Reggies guidance they found several amazing magical creatures and harvested the needed ingredients. They fought perytons, leucrottas, An ettin with a cave bear, several of a strange breed of giants called Veds. The most impressive creature they found was a giant chimera with the head of a black dragon. Sadly they weren’t the only ones with there eyes on the chimera. As they were finishing up they were attacked by a hill giant named Kragmuld and a few veds. Kragmuld was a very difficult foe but like all others fell before Blazemores party(lol). p. Having collected all of the ingredients he needed, Reggie would be teleported back home shortly but he wanted to reward you with some information he had acquired. He took them to the shore or a river/lake and (after taking out a few more giants). Reggie told them that there was a temple at the bottom of this lake, and he believes there is something hidden there. He overheard some giants talking about a temple at the bottom of the lake that may have something the big boss needs. With that Reggie went home telling you all that if you ever make it to Magnimar to look him up and promised you the greatest party of your life and 5 gold each.p. This session you will be getting some answers pertaining to what you need do and where you need to go. Does the forge exist, what is the name of that giant slaver and exactly how many giants are, in this valley and many other questions will be answered in Minderhalls valley.

See you all at my house Saturday at 430. It should be very fun.




Hi, my name is Reggie

good show!!

did Reggie leave us some soft round buns?

Hi, my name is Reggie

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