Part 8

The vault of thorns and approaching Red lake fort.

The session began with Skamp rejoining her comrades as they entered the greenhouse where they were attacked by an enormous tendriculos. They were able to dispatch the creature without anyone being swallowed. In the next room they were able to bravely overcome numerous xtabays. p. In the final room they were in for a tooth and nail battle with a creature called a brambleblight. The brambleblight had the power to animate the bramble mounds in the room into a wall of defenders which our heroes were eventually able to fight off. With all pf its defenders defeated the bramblelound was heroically vanquished. p. While they were healing they were attacked by Ewigga the green hag attacked them in on final attempt to acquire the vaults treasure. She had a few tricks but was easily overcome after foolishly giving the party enough time to fully heal. Ewiggas defeat left the vaults treasures there for the taking. Our heroes were momentarily fearful that the treasure was all a lie when the treasure chest was empty. Eventually they found a secret bottom that led to the actual vault. They found a nice stash of items that will hopefully aid them in their assault/infiltration of Redlake fort. p. After a few days travel the party was approaching the fort when they were attacked by a scouting patrol of a hill giant named Jort and several orcs. You were able to defeat the patrol and capture one of the orcs for interrogation. You learned a few pieces of information.

1, The forts morale has been quickly deteriorating since the orcs defeat at Trunau, and their leader Grenseldeks proposed alliance with someone or something called the Storm Tyrant.

2, The orcs leader General Karrguk was already planning to turn on the forts other inhabitants and take leadership of the tribe back from the giants.

3, There is a captured dwarf that the tribe uses for entertainment by having him fight some captured bears.He tells you where in the fort the dwarf is being held.

4, There is a tribe of ogres that was already in the fort before the Twisted heart arrived.

You may or may not recall that when you rescued Calrianne Blix, the cavalier whose grandfather Fabian Blix was killed at the final siege of the fort. She’s desires any information about her ancestor. She fears he was as bad as the forts original castellan a despicable vile man who resorted cannibalism. She will be thrilled if you can provide her with any information. She also provided you with a map of the fort, its not very detailed but does have the basic layout anf the location of a sewer grate in the fort that can be used to enter the basement. I will draw this map and give it to you Saturday.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday at 5pm at Joe’s.



thanks for the recap, looking forward to kickin some buttocks

Part 8

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