Part 7

Ghostlightlight marsh/Vault of thorns

After recovering from the extremely tough battle with Melira and Tark Singeskin the party headed into the Ghostlight marsh in search of the Vault of thorn. They defeated a 5 headed hydra. Found a dwarf named Ingrahild Nargrymkin that they recognized was suffering from schizophrenia, they were able to get her under control and cure her of her malady with a potion of remove curse. She told them that her brother Umlo and her were attacked by several green hags that cursed them and drove them off, but not before they killed three of the hags. p. Ingrahild led them to Mossmoon a former member of the council of thorns that was turned into a will-o-wisp. By showing Mossmoon the ghostlight lantern, mentioning Silvermane and that they were searching the vault of thorns so they can assault Redlake fort. Mossmoon led them to a will-o-wisp graveyard where they got the husk they needed to light the lantern and open the entrance to the Vault. They were attacked by a marsh giant named Gripwort as they opened the vault but they were able to defeat it. p. In the entryway (joined by Ingrahild) they killed a pair of tiny fey creatures called twigjacks. A pair of lurkers in light as they crossed a bridge in the greenhouse. On the other side of the bridge they entered the council chambers they were entangled and their vision was impaired by an unseen attacker (most likely the final hag) but for some reason they weren’t attacked. Remember there is still lurking behind you. p. Next they came upon the lily pad path several large lily pads at different heights leading up. Below it fades into darkness and there in a droning buzz reverberating throughout the chamber. When Pigpen leaped upon the first lily pad a cloud of bloated flies filled the entire chamber and a ultramarine chaser(fey giant dragonfly) attacked the party members in the room.. When Thornbeard leaped onto the first lily pad his weight caused the pad to fall to the bottom of the chamber. and into the filthy compost like bottom of the chamber. They were able to overcome the obstacles in the chamber and the session ended in the room on the other side of the disgusting chamber. p. We will start right where we left off. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll answer as best I can. There is some fun stuff coming up. Always remember that there are multiple ways to get through situations. Four (5 if you allow Ingrahild to stick with you) people isn’t many fort assaulting a fort.

See you all Saturday



Thanks for the recap.

Part 7

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