Part 5 and 6

Into the cave and what more can they possibly expect

Part 5

The intrepid heroes bravely followed the mysterious half orc with facial tattoos and his flood troll servant. Just after entering the cave the party was beset by enemies from both sides a rat swarm from the rear and a combination of gryphs and spiders from the front. All was going smoothly until two characters got too close together causing a piece of the bridge to crumble away taking Kane with it. Falling twenty feet into some shallow water and found himself face to face with the flood troll. Thing could have gotten bad for him but the flames of his bravery still burned brightly. Also his friend Blazemore kept the fires burning brightly by jumping to his aid. Together they were able to defeat Lehi the flood troll. The remaining members were able to easily dispatch the spiders and gryphs. p. Shortly afterwards they came to a chamber with a 15 foot tall skeleton of Uskarth a hill giant chieftain of some renown. They noticed the half orc fleeing out the opposite side of the room. They decided to investigate the skeleton and as they did they were surprised by a dire shadow rat that was hiding in one his eyes. They were attacked by Skreed Gorewillow the half orc alchemist from the other side (he went to awaken the chambers guardian to join him) and his two direwolves. It was a tough battle but the heroes were able to defeat their foes. After the battle they find Uskarths armor, Agrimmosh the hammer of unmaking, a true love locket and a magnificent geode they later learned was half of a map. p. Afterwards they they were congratulated and invited to a meeting/dinner with chief defender Halgra in two days time. At the meeting theylearned that this attack was arranged by a hill giant named Grenseldek leader of the Twisted heart tribe (a tribe of hill giants and orcs). The leaders of the town fear that if something isn’t done the town may be attacked again and they barely survived this first assault. Someone would have to go to Grenseldeks lair (Redlake fort) and deal with her and her tribe. Putting an end to this threat to Trunau. p. Based on their actions in the attack on Trunau the Party was deemed the best suited to this task. Since the citizenry and militia would be needed to rebuild and defend the town. After the party agrees he introduces them to Silvermane the druid (they save him during the battle) that watches over the hopespring. He tells them of the Vault of thorns a demiplane created by the druidic council of thorns, of which he Silvermane was once a member. The entrance to the vault is in the Ghostlight marsh, he informs them that the vault contains item that will help them in there fight against the twisted heart tribe. To find the vault he tells them where to exit the river and gives them a ghostlight lantern and tells them to place the husk of a dead will-o-wisp into the lantern and then shine it on the central standing stone (of a circle of stones that mark the entrance to the vault). Halgra informs them that she has already hired them working passage with a half orc friend of hers named Raag Bloodtusk. p. On their river voyage Kane fell overboard and was attacked by crocodiles when the railing gave way. PART 6 begins here- They saved several crew members from a rampaging girallon(that is usually drugged). This was the second mysterious “accident” of their trip. (They would later learn of their mistake in not searching the entire ship for the saboteur). They survived an attempted poisoning. a damn made by a group of merrow even capsizing their boat when Thornbeard enlarged himself thinking the boat would make it to shore but the merrow stopped the boat and at approximately 2000 pound the boat went over. Making for a tough but memorable battle. Next they came upon some river drake they were able to overcome. They even chased the alpha into its lair to rescue one of the boats horses. p. The next day they arrived at scheduled stop at a riverside waystation. As they approached they noticed the dock had been destroyed. Raag told the party this was a new that the dock had been in perfect condition when he was last here 2 weeks previously. He told them they should investigate which they did. They rescued Calrianne Blix a cavalier by defeating a couple wolves and several orcs. Calrianne was very grateful and they all learned that the orcs were planning an assault on castle Firrine. After the party informs her of their plan to infiltrate Redlake fort she grows excited and produces a map of the abandoned border fort. She tells them that her great grandfather Fabian Blix and would be very interested in learning anything she can about him if they find any information. She also reluctantly tells them she is worried about what kind of a man he was, fearing that he was a truly as despicable as the rumors she had heard. She rewards them with a hosemasters saddle. p. The final event of the evening occurred when they finally reached the exit point Silvermane told them about. There was a band of orcs waiting to sabotage the party having been informed of their coming by Melira, Skreed Gorewillows lover and carrier of the other half of the true love amulet. Having not found her hiding on the ship she was able to join the ambush which nearly put an end to our intrepid heroes. Surviving a battle with ranger/sorcerer 6/1 and a level 6 barbarian was very impressive and required a hand from Raag and Coxwain Halrex. Even with this help Thornbeard and Flapjack nearly died indded everyone was surprised that Flapjacks wasn’t dead after the battle. This was where we left off so we will begin here, you can spend some time healing on the boat before you travel forward. p. If you would prefer a different type of npc thats fine at the moment it would probably have to be a half orc but hey can be any class you want. Otherwise I will have Flapjack ready. Do let me know if you want something different. Also during this session you will go up to level 5 mid session. You never know sometimes you can meet friends in the most unusual places if you remember to look. See you Saturday.



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