A jaunt in the mountains

There may be scarring

The session began with the return of Skamp and Kan(Y)e. With a surprise companion an old “friend” of Kanes called “Forge” a distracted genius half elf who was a master smith. Kane brought him with the lure of a legendary forge. He is a nice enough fellow and is willing to share his extracts but usually forgets to offer them up. Forge has very little interest in taking part in combat. So he is with you but if you need to talk to him but remains distant unless approached. p. The journey to Minderhals valley was expected to be a very dangerous road, it didn’t disappoint. The heroes fought off a rift drake, a redcap ambush and a greater earth elemental before noon on the second day of travel. At that time they came upon a greater troll trying to break into a house to get at a crying baby within. Naturally our heroes would have none of it and quickly dispatched the foul beast. Now they had a young baby as a burden. Thankfully they came upon a village shortly after and the baby’s grandmother was able to take care of the child. p. The village had been attacked by a band of giants (mostly ogres) and several villager were captured. The villagers begged the party to try and save their kinfolk from the giants. The village had many injured and several damaged houses. The remaining villagers would be needed to help tend to the wounded and rebuild. The situation was so dire that Onteross decided his services would be more helpful in helping the desperate villagers. He had faith the party could save the captured towns folk from slavery or worse. He wished you well and hopes to you in the future. p. Onteross’ faith was rewarded when the party saved a pair of escaped slaves from a nasty jotunblood cyclops named Gsuruk. It was a tough battle but Gsuruk fell as all foes had fallen before him. The hunt continued. The session ended with the slaughter of a small band of ogres and the free of several more villagers. They said there was one more band of giants went on ahead, but they had no doubt those captured were beyond help now. we can begin this weekends session with you asking the freed villagers any questions you may have. p. I know this was a short writeup but most of the session was wandering monsters fun to fight but not advancing the story. I’m very excited for this Saturday, I hope you’re ready because there is more fighting in the forecast. There may even be an extra member of the party if Andys friend Mark chooses to join us. See you all Saturday at 430 at Joes.



thanks for the recap

A jaunt in the mountains

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