They riseth up
5 sabotage byatches
It was a very successful night of sabotage. You were able to destroy the camps supply of alcohol although the brewer of said alcohol recognized your prowess early on and fled like a complete wuss. He is still around and you will definitely run into him again. In the brewers room you found a number of alchemical ingredients that you used to spoil the food stored in the camps silo.
  • You rigged the mine to collapse when giants passed through. This will shut down the mine for the near future.
  • You shut down the camps forge. The forge was a pretty unique version of a forge. A female frost giant named Aerndel(?) has tamed two remorhaz to rest under surface the small lake with its incredibly hot ridges on their back protruding through the ice supplying the heat necessary to forge metal. This method was used because frost giant aren’t good at forging metal due to their vulnerability to hot temperatures. There was a fire giant there that was teaching and doing most of the actual work. You killed all four and earned your fourth point of the day.
  • You were having so much success you decided to destroy the camps shrine to Themmyr. It was guarded by 3 thremmindyrs. Evil cold outsiders that were no match for your might.
  • You are now attacking the buildings at the top level, there is a large slave pen with a lot of slaves. There is a building near the shrine that appears to be some kind of lodging. Those seem like places to consider. Maybe clear them out before hitting up the Longhouse. The biggest building in the camp.
  • It was a very productive night, setting up the culmination of your assault on the giant training grounds. Bigger stronger better foes lie ahead and better treasure will be the reward. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m excited for you to get to meet some of the decision makers. Whenever the next date is, Thanks for the fun, we’ll plan our next foray in the near future until then stay beautiful.


Onward to the grist mill!
And my teeth are gritty
The session began with the planning of a raid into the mammoth pen. You were able to silently (with a silence spell)dispatch the guard on the tower. Descend into the mammoth pen, calm the dominant male and let the animals out of the pen to freely wander the camp. Thornbeard was also able to cast a spell calling some swarms of wasps to disrupt the giants evening activities. Then then were able to head back to their cave unbeknownst to the giants.p. p. The next day they tried a similar tactic, but were unable to stop the guard from lighting off a warning firework, never got off a silence spell and alerted the camp of out of the ordinary circumstances with the loud boom of a fireball. Something frost giant don’t like or see very often(especially in their own camp). Not a big deal but it was kind of funny. The party was forced to retreat as their area was stating to be set upon by the giant army.p. p. The next day the party went for a more direct assault on what turned out to be the grist mill. Inside were machines used to crush bones into flour for world famous giant baked goods. There were somewhere around twenty slaves guarded by a frost giant barbarian names Margrunda with two frost giant subordinates. They had mancatchers, great axes and Margrunda had an earth breaker. They were supposed to try to push the party into the grinders but that plan didn’t work out. Instead we had an old fashioned Blazemore bunch-giant bloodbath, hundreds of hit points of damage were done on both sides. But our intrepid heroes won the day. You were able to loot the giants and this is where we left off. We’ll say you are still in the grist mill ready to head back at your leisure. If you decide in between sessions that you want to start back at the cave just let me know. If there is anything else you want to do in the mill before you leave that is also an option. No giants appear to know your here. But you do have the slaves to consider. So whatever you do would likely be inside the mill????

That is all for now, I like it when I do the recap right after to make sure I don’t forget any details. We’ll figure out a time for June after other campaigns have chosen their dates. I hope you had fun, I did. I know planning raids can take time so feel free to make some plans in between sessions, or we can stay at the pace we’re on. I don’t mind at all. Hail the giant slayers!!!!!!!!!


And thats that.
What are you doing?

The evening began with the party tracking the place where the bugbear sorceress was meeting with some frost giants to sell some slaves. You were eventually able to find the spot and dispose of the sorceress and her companions. I as far as you know no one else knows how to open the secret entrances into the cave/compound where you saved the slaves in the first place. You can feel free to design the layout, there are entrances at two ends, a sealed adamantine door in the floor(DC 50 disable device) you got the key from the body of the spellcaster. The cells don’t have to be permanent. there is plenty of space for up to 100 slave and yourselves. You don’t have to do anything with this if it doesn’t interest you.p.

p. Then you headed back to the frost giant camp. You were able to get into the mess hall, kill Qupenarth and his twin female hill giant assistant cooks. Which gave you the sabotage point for the mess hall. You also found a giant bane torc of enmity(if I didn’t before I can show a sidebar about this item) and a large frost giant-hide armor. When you left the mess hall someone got bold and gave away your secrecy costing you one outrage point. These were all of the significant happenings from the last session. p. p. I would just like to say that this book has been a struggle for me to run. I’m terrible at note taking. I’m slow at it and to be honest I don’t usually remember to do it. With this being a more wide open “sandbox” adventure and I realize I need to make a concerted effort to do better. The most difficult part for me is being ready for a wide variety of potential encounters at the same time. I can do it, I may have to occasionally take a minute here or there to reread the scenarios to make sure i don’t forget the good stuff. When I feel rushed(I do this to myself) my reading comprehension gets shaky so…… I just thought I’d let you know how this has been trying me. Feel free to go to any of the places I’ve read up on all of them so I’m “ready” for any of the lower levels. You should make another level before you try the top level. There are a ton of things to do, the silo, the mammoth stockade and a few other places you’ve seen and every place has something to do in it. p. When you get back to the cave Ferris informs you that his friend in Vigil is willing to shop for any items you need that you have the gold to buy. He won’t sell your loot for you. So if you need something feel free to do some shopping if you have cash. So you will be level 11 and free to do some shopping. I am looking forward to tomorrow, see you then.


We don't need no stinkin bugbears.

FYI- I just wrote this and accidentally erased it so this may be quick. Also sorry it’s so late.

p. We started with the party hearing screams and rushing to rescue what turned out to be a fire gnome named Whit. He was nearly captured by a group of bugbears. You decided to join up and figure out where these bugbears came from and what they were doing. You ran into a few more groups along the way, surprisingly powerful and even a trap. You eventually tracked them to a hidden base where they were amassing a group of mostly human slaves that they were planning to sell to the frost giants. p. You were able to clear out he base. In the final battle you were fighting against a powerful spellcaster. Since I designed the days encounters and I felt it was too much for one day of adventuring I let up fearing it would have likely been a TPK. I didn’t want my ignorance of how much you can handle in one day to be the reason it happened. I’ve had a hard time killing PCs but I hope to be better in the future. Not kill just to kill but if it happens it happens. p. I had the spellcaster leave so she is still out there somewhere. In clearing out the base you found a note stating the frost giants would be arriving to pick up the slave over the next day or two. So you can deal with that or let them recapture the slaves. p. Lastly it appears that Whit intentionally ignored his curse. Not a massive deal but I feel it needs to be addressed. My solution for purposely ignoring negative effects is that he can’t be cured of the curse until he spends one day of actually adventuring (including combat). I’m not at all mad I just think you should have to deal with the curse for at least a day. You will be happy to know that Ferris was able to remove the curse from Topps. p. I hope I covered the necessities if you have question get them in and I will answer them before we play. It can be the next morning and you have your spells and have had a full chance to heal as much as you are able. Also this base is well hidden and since the slave trading was arranged for a place a mile or so away the giants probably don’t know where it is. Do with this as you will. The spellcaster might be the last person that know of it’s existence. You could try to hunt her down, will she meet up with the frost giants and lead them to the base? p. We will all learn tonight. I can’t wait.


There and back again

For a change of pace I’m writing the recap the morning after playing.

In a hole in the ground lived a.. Oh wait wrong story. It all began with our intrepid heroes in the tannery having just defeated Lachnir and his servant. You decided to have Pigpen head out for a scouting mission to see what other building are nearby. He was able to hear some cooks in the mess hall mention making sure the food was fully cooked because he didn’t want to be here if they sickened the village again. He also heard him brag about leaving for dome fire giant camp soon. Unfortunately he was spotted shortly after this and the party was chased away by a small hunting party. After luring the party away for several miles you set up to ambush the giants and winter wolves that were foolish enough to try to hunt you down. While you go a few scars in the process you were able to defeat the group. The next day you spent scouting out the camp from the air. You saw some of the other building could see that if the giants were pushed in the right way there was potential for a massive giant brawl. Putting that information aside for later, you decided to make a night time raid on the stables. Due to a slight miscalculation you wound up on the outside of the fences just below a guard tower. p. You attempted to sneak up and kill the guard but he was on his toes and the fight was on. The watch tower guards are not your everyday run of the mill frost giants. He put up a strong fight. It started with Blazemore with incredible bravery running up and taunting the giant. The giant foolishly decided to attack Blazemore neglecting to light the warning firework and failing to set of the alarm. While he nearly killed Blazemore, he was eventually put down like all the rest. For his awesome bravery Blazemore will be awarded with a bonus hero point. p. Next you decided you would try to climb the fence enter the stables and unleash the mammoths into the camp to cause some serious anarchy. But, the mammoths were a lot more protective than you expected and after one tried to trample you, you decided to spare the mammoths and dimension doored outside the camp and return to the camp later. Alli in all you have caused a bit of disruption and have only been spotted once. You should have more information and be better prepared for you next foray into the camp. I hope you had fun. When I was stating potential problems with different ways to approach your situation it wasn’t so you wouldn’t try at all it was to help you consider the problems you will have to overcome. Hopefully making it easier to decide which thing to try first. It’s a tough situation the more info you have the better you can plan. I can’t wait to see what you try next. We’ll try to set up a date for February maybe the 17th? I’ll send out a invite later.



Frost giant training grounds
It's all about disruption

It all started in Korvosa getting new gear etc. Then the journey to Skirgaard began. As a group you were able to easily survive an avalanche, started by some glacier toads. Overcame a random encounter with a frost worm and made it to Skirgaard.
*When*you reached Skirgaard you decided to climb a cliff on the west side of the camp and were able to sneak into a building that turned out to be the camps tannery. You were able to defeat Lachnir the frost giant and 2 hills giants without alerting the camp which gives you your first sabotage point. You found a letter on a sheet of crudely produced vellum that reads “You will continue to do as I have tasked you. I anticipate a new group will be sent south to our fiery brethren soon. They’ll have no need for tents where they’re going, so I will order the tents left behind. Keep the production going and stop your sniveling, or I will assure the Queen hears of it” the note is signed by Hersir Gregganor. Those that speak giant know hersir translates to sub-jarl or sub-chieftain.
The tannery is a disgusting place and you think guest probably aren’t very common with a little investigation you may learn more. It’s still morning so you you think you’ll have at least the day to scout and maybe cause more disruption. If you’re brave you might even be able to use use the building as a base until more giants come to visit. There is a guard tower just outside this building with at least one frost giant inside. There is another building just past the tower and what appears to be some kind of stables past that. With some stealth and planning maybe you can disrupt hear and head back into the mountains to plan future infiltrations.
p. If I didn’t mention it the camp is empty of almost all of the trainees who head to a training area somewhere in the mountains. There are still guards in the towers and all of the big daddies are still at home. Over aggression may be Extremely dangerous so plan your work and work your plan. It should be fun, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. See you Saturday at Joes.


The last stand of Urathash
His skin was very rough
The final battle for the cathedral of Minderhal (before the other final battle) was at hand. The BB bravely ascended the staircase to meat the infamous Urathash. Stone giant, devoted servant of Minderhal, head recruiter for the storm kings army and all around swell guy. It was his turn to fall to the Blazemore bunch. He put up a solid fight, he even tried to call his red dragon messenger to aid him but nothing could stop his inevitable demise. Jahlvoraz the red dragon was able to escape the tower. Due to slow pursuit he was able to grab some of his more valuable items. Onteros believes this dragon to be a messenger between Urathash and the storm tyrant.

Next the party found the forge and it’s guardian Etena its venerable slag giant guardian and her apprentice Ferin. She told you about the how to relight the forge. After finding a way to replicate a red dragons breath the forge was relit. At this point Etena demanded the group hand over all of their giant artifacts and be on their way. The party found this unacceptable and killed her instead. Ferin laid down his weapon and offeredt o help you use the forge.

p. You now have access to the forge but it may be hard to get back to. You learned that Volstus the storm tyrant possesses a flying cloud castle. Of more immediate importance you learned of a giant training camp in the frost giant village of Skirgaard. This is a threat that must be dealt with.

We ended the night with an encounter as you were nearing Skirgaard. A red dragon named Naximarra approached you from behind, not using its fearful presence to ask the party to do him a favor. Volstus has possession of a red dragon orb that was made with the soul of his grandfather. He wants it destroyed. He can’t come within a hundred miles of the orb without risking being controlled by Volstus. He can offer you a lot of information about Skirgaard and is willing to give you a ring that will allow you to call him to you for assistance one time. Onteros believed the dragon is earnest in his need for their help and will likely honor his summoning but he recommends using it before the orb is destroyed. At the moment he believes Naximarra is more than a match for the group. But if it were to help you for one fight……. You haven’t responded to his request as of yet.

p. You will be in Korvosa to begin the night. We’ll assume you did all you wanted to do at the forge. Lastly Onteros informs you that upon reaching level 10, he is now able to go by his hero name. A hero name is his families tradition where when he was born he was given a name he could only use if he reached a certain level of status. He has now reached that level and wished to be known forever more as Ferris Onteros O’Finnigan. You can call him Ferris from now on. I’m doing this because an acquaintance of mine on twitters son who had been suffering from a traumatic brain injury committed suicide and they asked people to use him as an NPC in their campaigns so that is why. He hopes to be with you until the end.

Can’t wait for Saturday

Blazemore bunch in da house!
Like you knew they would be
Our intrepid heroes and their faithful sidekick Onteros finally entered the fabled cathedral of Minderhal with two purposes. First stop the recruiting of giants into the storm tyrants army and find Minderhals forge. I hope someone knows how to work a forge. To do this they would have to do what they do best. Kick literally tons of giant ass and they didn’t disappoint. Ogre barbarians, cyclops(one advanced). two headed troll, ettin, several hill giants including Ruddig Headstomper their drunk leader and your first frost giant. Surely they took some big hits but all fell p. In the last room of the night you defeated Surog an advanced cyclops and a bunch of juvenile rukhs. As the battle finished you could hear the sound an extremely deep voice urging someone or something to prepare for a fight. There are a bunch of maps and paperwork lying around that has important information but that will probably have to wait until you meet the challenge waiting for you upstairs. p. This Saturdays session should end book three and maybe give you a hint of what is coming in book four. You still have to find the sure to be unguarded forge and relight it. I predict a very fun night. I can’t wait, I hope you’re excited this Saturday should be fun.

Your unintrepid GM,


Minderhals cathedral at last
Whats that smell?

Having found all of the ingredients to relight Minderhals forge you began making your way to the cathedral. On the way you were attacked by several barbarian ogres led by a disgusting diseased mongrel slag giant of ash giant ancestry named Nakurrh. You beat off the ogres so quickly Nakurrh ran away. This session began with the group deciding to hunt her down and remind her why no one messes with the Blazemore bunch.
It didn’t take long to find Nakurrh, who had found a few manticore hunters one hill giant(one shot kill by Pigpen) and a cyclops(with a tied up manticore) to join with her. It wasn’t a long or difficult battle but in the end the blight that was Nakurrh was ended. She would truly not be missed by anyone that knew her. You wisely decided to kill the manticore it would have just attacked if you hadn’t.
Next up you had to get through the gate into the valley of Minderhals cathedral. The gate was guarded by a pair of smilodons a hill giant and an ettin. They fell like all that had come before them and you were able to see the cathedral you had been searching for. The head of recruiting was within. But there were hundreds of giants in between here and there. With some scouting Pigpen was able to find the toilet drain to sneak into and avoid fighting an impossible number of giants. So you may be a bit stinky but that is certain to go unnoticed in this camp. You made your fortitude save so you can manage.
When you reached the top you found a tent with the cathedrals chef Rotter Bloodfreckle with over 100 hit points, also one shot killed by Pigpen. That was amazing and caught me off guard for sure. Well done. The noise brought the Occulus a ogre mage (in disguise as a super ugly marsh giant witch) she blasted off a few lightning bolts before being vanquished. You found some stuff in the two tents and this is where we finished.
You can figure how you want to enter the cathedral. There are 4 stone giants at the top of the staircase but with care they shouldn’t notice you. As long as things don’t get noisy. There is a door into the cathedral right by Rotters tent. This doesn’t appear to be the main entrance. There are two smaller entrances on either side of the building with the main entrance in the center. You would have seen this as you approached the sewers. I believe that is all. See you on the 16th.


What's a Benaioh
Thats disgusting

We started with Kane rejoining the group. Then you happened upon a group of marsh giants guard some dwarven caves. you didn’t try to go in at the time but there is something of dwarven historical value if you ever want to back track. As for the advanced marsh giants, with an impressive spell-attack combo by Thornbeard the battle went pretty quick but giants almost always leave marks.

p. It took a few days to reach the next temple, you fought your way across a bridge defended by a couple well prepared stone giant. You also had the pleasure of learning about deep bogs and the kindly water trolls that live there. The next day you arrived at the shrine of Fandara. Fandara is the ancient stone giant goddess of earth, knowledge and the cycle of life. Inside was all of the equipment required to prepare deceased giant warriors for burial. The only guardian were called benaiohs. They began in clay vessel form and when the clay vessels were destroyed they exploded and became oozes. They infected o few of the party members with -wormrot but you were able to defeat the benaiohs and remove the disease. p. With all of the items required to restart Minderhals forge you made your way to where there appears to be a gate on the map(Onteros confirms this). On your way you came upon a group of giant hunters, they were out making sure that giants not accepted into *******s army left the vale. You dispatched the ogre barbarian guard so quickly the leader ran away after casting a stinking cloud on the party.This is where we left off. You haven’t n

made it back to the bridge where you fought the stone giants yet. If you track the diseased mongrel slag giant you see that you come to a fork int the path to the right leads to the stone giant bridge the footprints go to the left. Will you let Nakurrh live and possibly follow you or will you hunt him down. In the sky over the trail on the left far in the distance you see something. It’s not a drake or anything what could in be……

p. Maybe you’ll find out Friday or to the gates either way leads to adventure and maybe even loot.

See you at Joes Friday



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