Welcome back to Trunau
Rough night
As the party returned and noticed the blue flames in the plague houses firepit. They entered determined to find out what was going on. Alas by the time they got to the basement whoever was meeting there had fled. They found a local pig farmer tied up in the furnace room and he informed them that he had heard his captor speaking to something in a language that he didn’t understand. The left determined to return the following night to catch their prey in the act. p. The next morning Kurst Grath came to them in the morning and asked them to attend his brother Rodriks funeral at sunset that evening at the flame of the fallen. They agreed and waited for the funeral that night, Planning to return to the plaguehouse afterwards. When the ceremony (which was lovely), everyone was gathered chatting when the quiet night was interrupted by the crash of flaming catapult fire. Trunau was under attack. Kurst asked the party to light the three remaining unlit beacons. Telling them saving the citizens was more important than the killing of the orc. Send any townsfolk to the longhouse. p. The party didn’t make it far when the saw a group of townsfolk led by Baseil Sabak a cleric from the counting house(temple of Abadar) threatening Brinya Rodriks fiance. Threatening her due to her half orc heritage. Fighting for the real Trunauans. Our heroes attempts to calm the mob with words failed and things would have went badly if chief defender Halgra hadn’t shown up and calmed the mob, disappointed in the party for letting this mob get out of hand. “You’ll have to do better if we’re all going to survive this”. They lit the second beacon and headed for the gate that led to the next beacon. (FYI- Rodriks pyre is the first beacon). p. As they approached the gate they heard the sound of a flaming boulder crashing through the roof of a house on just the other side of the gate. They could hear someone in the flaming house calling for help and rushed to do so. Inside they found Sara Morninghawk trapped under a broken beam and her wife Agrit Staginsdar trying to free her. Kane, Blazemore and Thornbeard fought through thick smoke to help free Sara and were eventually able to do so. During that period two orcs ran up to attack whoever was nearby and were put down by Pigpen and Scamp. They wouldn’t be the only orcs they would kill this night. Agrit rewarded them with a silver necklace center by a first level pearl of power. p. They were able to kill many other this evening most notably the skald Kagak and his bombardierskeeping them away from their ballista. They were also able to save the proprietor of the Killin’ Ground Rabus Clarenston who promised them free ale forever and gave them some medical supplies including two vials of soothe syrup which you may want to look up. I believe it’s helpful in curing addiction etc. p. Other than that it was just an orc trainer and several orcs looting in some houses. Most importantly they saw a force with siege weapons outside the city that would need to be stopped if they were to win this battle. But our heroes still need to light the last beacon and get out the front gate to get at their most dangerous foes.
The after party was killer
I didn't think....
The hopeknife ceremony for Ruby daughter of Halgra finally came and a good time was had by all. Although Ruby may have shown a lack of wisdom in her selection for the ceremonial tug-of-war. Choosing Blazemore and Thornbeard were solid choices but Pigpen and Rey aren’t naturals at tug-of-wars. But it was all for fun and the Kurst brothers weren’t trying to win and the crowd rushed in to make sure they didn’t this was Rubys big night and there was no way she was going to lose. Then then the Festivities went on until late in the evening. The party did hear a few rumors.

1, The hopeknife is more than a weapon- It’s a symbol. It means you are wise enough to make adult decisions,know what it means to fear, and strong enough to protect your neighbors, even if it costs you your life.
p. 2, “Even though she’s the chief defenders daughter, Ruby has to uphold the Standing Vow in order to receive her hopeknife., just like the rest of us. She must agree to hold Trunau against all comers and to never forfeit her homeland willingly. That is the vow”.
p. 3,“Rumor has is that Rodrik Grath is next in line for the position patrol leader after his old man Jagrin retires. Jagrins a good commander but he’s getting old, and it may be time for some new blood in the militia’s leadership.”
p. 4, “Shame about the graffiti all over town. The militia’s got better things to do than clean up youngsters’ messes, but even stranger is how long it lasts. Try as one might soap and water don’t do a thing to those marks!”.

The next morning the group was approached first thing by Kurst Grath and informed than his brother Rodrik had been found dead "right now the official cause of death is suicide, but I just can’t believe that. He asks if the group will lead the investigation, since he is to busy to do it himself. When they agree he tells them.

His brother wouldn’t have committed suicide because he was in love with the Brinya and was planning to marry her. When the party met Brinya(that evening) they show her the hopeknife given to them by Kurt she informs them that isn’t Rodriks hopeknife. She shows them his hopeknife is hanging on a silver necklace around her neck. She tells them Rodrik lost the hopeknife she had given him. The party later finds the receipt for a new hopeknife and the missing hopeknife proving she was telling the truth. She informs them Rodrik kept a journal and tells them to ask at the sanctuary.
p. Where they learn Rodrik had been spending a lot of time talking with a old half orc seer named Katrezra, who disappeared the night of the murder but they don’t suspect foul play. They also reason he couldn’t have gone far due to limited mobility.
p. They asked around at the Ramblehouse where the Murder occurred. They found the receipt for the hopeknife and in another room they later learned the proprietress had rented to a half orc who paid handsomely but refused to leave a name(they had to coerce this out of her). They found a love letter to someone named Melira.
p. When they went to Clamor to speak with Sara Morninghawk to verify the receipt and find the knife. When the show Sara the murder weapon she informs them that this is the knife she had her employee Urnsil another half orc working on but Urnsil disappeared since the day before(the day after Ruby’s ceremony). During the conversation Katrezra appears from a side room where he was listening in on them. He had Rodriks journal and went into hiding when he heard of Rodriks murder fearing foul play. He had been having visions of the plague house recently. Rodrik went there which is where he saw the flood troll which led him to talking to Katrezra about. He told them they are native of Belkzen but rarely head this far south of the flood road. Katrezra gives them the journal which proves Rodriks death wasn’t a suicide.
p. This took two days of investigation and the party was attacked by "diseased wolves in the street and were nearly killed when they were attacked in their room by a group of assassins. They were nearly all killed but these assassins weren’t very brave.
p. They brought the Journal to Kurst informing him his brother was murdered. Kurst suggested they investigate the plaguehouse and they did. This is where they found the lost knife and fought some centipedes and some spider one that was pretty large they found the stairs down they assumed beyond a locked door. There was also a hole in the floor that could reach the basement 20 feet below. It was getting late so the went back to town to report to Kurst and get some sleep.
p. The next day they went with Thornbeard to his home to(?) But they did run into an ogre and several orcs with a captured woolly triceratops. The party rescued the beast and it became Thornbeards companion. (Depending on what Damon decides to do for a character you may be meeting up with him and bringing him back with you). Either way by the time they are approaching Trunau the sun has set and they notice there appears to be a blue fire in the firepit outside of the plaguehouse.

This is where we will pick up, sorry if this isn’t very smooth, trying to remember all of the different parts of your investigation without making it too long was a challenge.


#1a-stuff to do next time

Some things to ask around town about next time, that I forgot to pursue.

1. rumors of a troll? need more info
2. A town thats been more or less safe inside the walls has wild dieseased wolves running around? Who is working the gate that day? how did they get into the town? maybe the drunk guy?
3. An inn with no history of foul play, and we get almost tpk-ed at night. we should press harder to find out how that happened. And the corpses of the couple people who didnt run away, can anyone recognize them?
4. what is patrol leader grath (rodriks dad) up to all this time, maybe talk to him
5. more to explore at that plague house?
6. remember to track down the drunk guy and get him sober.

anyone else have questions or things they want to do in town? at least they are documented here, cause i’ll probably forget.

#1, Invitation
It begins

To all residents and guests of Trunau,

On the 21st day of the fifth month of this year, you are all cordially invited to celebrate with us in commons. We will be conducting the Hopeknife celebration for chief defender Halgras youngest daughter Ruby. There will be food, two free drinks, dancing and music for all. It is sure to be a wonderful night and we hope you are able to celebrate with us on this wonderful occasion.

Chief defender Halgra

The hopeknife celebration is a tradition in Trunau. On a childs twelfth birthday(meaning they have come of age) each child receives their very own hopeknife which they keep with them at all times. They are taught where the four major arteries in the humanoid body are located and vow that they will protect Trunau and use their knife on friend, family and even themselves if the orcs ever overtake the town. There is more info in the players guide.

It should be fun, see you Saturday,



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