The last stand of Urathash
His skin was very rough
The final battle for the cathedral of Minderhal (before the other final battle) was at hand. The BB bravely ascended the staircase to meat the infamous Urathash. Stone giant, devoted servant of Minderhal, head recruiter for the storm kings army and all around swell guy. It was his turn to fall to the Blazemore bunch. He put up a solid fight, he even tried to call his red dragon messenger to aid him but nothing could stop his inevitable demise. Jahlvoraz the red dragon was able to escape the tower. Due to slow pursuit he was able to grab some of his more valuable items. Onteros believes this dragon to be a messenger between Urathash and the storm tyrant.

Next the party found the forge and it’s guardian Etena its venerable slag giant guardian and her apprentice Ferin. She told you about the how to relight the forge. After finding a way to replicate a red dragons breath the forge was relit. At this point Etena demanded the group hand over all of their giant artifacts and be on their way. The party found this unacceptable and killed her instead. Ferin laid down his weapon and offeredt o help you use the forge.

p. You now have access to the forge but it may be hard to get back to. You learned that Volstus the storm tyrant possesses a flying cloud castle. Of more immediate importance you learned of a giant training camp in the frost giant village of Skirgaard. This is a threat that must be dealt with.

We ended the night with an encounter as you were nearing Skirgaard. A red dragon named Naximarra approached you from behind, not using its fearful presence to ask the party to do him a favor. Volstus has possession of a red dragon orb that was made with the soul of his grandfather. He wants it destroyed. He can’t come within a hundred miles of the orb without risking being controlled by Volstus. He can offer you a lot of information about Skirgaard and is willing to give you a ring that will allow you to call him to you for assistance one time. Onteros believed the dragon is earnest in his need for their help and will likely honor his summoning but he recommends using it before the orb is destroyed. At the moment he believes Naximarra is more than a match for the group. But if it were to help you for one fight……. You haven’t responded to his request as of yet.

p. You will be in Korvosa to begin the night. We’ll assume you did all you wanted to do at the forge. Lastly Onteros informs you that upon reaching level 10, he is now able to go by his hero name. A hero name is his families tradition where when he was born he was given a name he could only use if he reached a certain level of status. He has now reached that level and wished to be known forever more as Ferris Onteros O’Finnigan. You can call him Ferris from now on. I’m doing this because an acquaintance of mine on twitters son who had been suffering from a traumatic brain injury committed suicide and they asked people to use him as an NPC in their campaigns so that is why. He hopes to be with you until the end.

Can’t wait for Saturday

Blazemore bunch in da house!
Like you knew they would be
Our intrepid heroes and their faithful sidekick Onteros finally entered the fabled cathedral of Minderhal with two purposes. First stop the recruiting of giants into the storm tyrants army and find Minderhals forge. I hope someone knows how to work a forge. To do this they would have to do what they do best. Kick literally tons of giant ass and they didn’t disappoint. Ogre barbarians, cyclops(one advanced). two headed troll, ettin, several hill giants including Ruddig Headstomper their drunk leader and your first frost giant. Surely they took some big hits but all fell p. In the last room of the night you defeated Surog an advanced cyclops and a bunch of juvenile rukhs. As the battle finished you could hear the sound an extremely deep voice urging someone or something to prepare for a fight. There are a bunch of maps and paperwork lying around that has important information but that will probably have to wait until you meet the challenge waiting for you upstairs. p. This Saturdays session should end book three and maybe give you a hint of what is coming in book four. You still have to find the sure to be unguarded forge and relight it. I predict a very fun night. I can’t wait, I hope you’re excited this Saturday should be fun.

Your unintrepid GM,


Minderhals cathedral at last
Whats that smell?

Having found all of the ingredients to relight Minderhals forge you began making your way to the cathedral. On the way you were attacked by several barbarian ogres led by a disgusting diseased mongrel slag giant of ash giant ancestry named Nakurrh. You beat off the ogres so quickly Nakurrh ran away. This session began with the group deciding to hunt her down and remind her why no one messes with the Blazemore bunch.
It didn’t take long to find Nakurrh, who had found a few manticore hunters one hill giant(one shot kill by Pigpen) and a cyclops(with a tied up manticore) to join with her. It wasn’t a long or difficult battle but in the end the blight that was Nakurrh was ended. She would truly not be missed by anyone that knew her. You wisely decided to kill the manticore it would have just attacked if you hadn’t.
Next up you had to get through the gate into the valley of Minderhals cathedral. The gate was guarded by a pair of smilodons a hill giant and an ettin. They fell like all that had come before them and you were able to see the cathedral you had been searching for. The head of recruiting was within. But there were hundreds of giants in between here and there. With some scouting Pigpen was able to find the toilet drain to sneak into and avoid fighting an impossible number of giants. So you may be a bit stinky but that is certain to go unnoticed in this camp. You made your fortitude save so you can manage.
When you reached the top you found a tent with the cathedrals chef Rotter Bloodfreckle with over 100 hit points, also one shot killed by Pigpen. That was amazing and caught me off guard for sure. Well done. The noise brought the Occulus a ogre mage (in disguise as a super ugly marsh giant witch) she blasted off a few lightning bolts before being vanquished. You found some stuff in the two tents and this is where we finished.
You can figure how you want to enter the cathedral. There are 4 stone giants at the top of the staircase but with care they shouldn’t notice you. As long as things don’t get noisy. There is a door into the cathedral right by Rotters tent. This doesn’t appear to be the main entrance. There are two smaller entrances on either side of the building with the main entrance in the center. You would have seen this as you approached the sewers. I believe that is all. See you on the 16th.


What's a Benaioh
Thats disgusting

We started with Kane rejoining the group. Then you happened upon a group of marsh giants guard some dwarven caves. you didn’t try to go in at the time but there is something of dwarven historical value if you ever want to back track. As for the advanced marsh giants, with an impressive spell-attack combo by Thornbeard the battle went pretty quick but giants almost always leave marks.

p. It took a few days to reach the next temple, you fought your way across a bridge defended by a couple well prepared stone giant. You also had the pleasure of learning about deep bogs and the kindly water trolls that live there. The next day you arrived at the shrine of Fandara. Fandara is the ancient stone giant goddess of earth, knowledge and the cycle of life. Inside was all of the equipment required to prepare deceased giant warriors for burial. The only guardian were called benaiohs. They began in clay vessel form and when the clay vessels were destroyed they exploded and became oozes. They infected o few of the party members with -wormrot but you were able to defeat the benaiohs and remove the disease. p. With all of the items required to restart Minderhals forge you made your way to where there appears to be a gate on the map(Onteros confirms this). On your way you came upon a group of giant hunters, they were out making sure that giants not accepted into *******s army left the vale. You dispatched the ogre barbarian guard so quickly the leader ran away after casting a stinking cloud on the party.This is where we left off. You haven’t n

made it back to the bridge where you fought the stone giants yet. If you track the diseased mongrel slag giant you see that you come to a fork int the path to the right leads to the stone giant bridge the footprints go to the left. Will you let Nakurrh live and possibly follow you or will you hunt him down. In the sky over the trail on the left far in the distance you see something. It’s not a drake or anything what could in be……

p. Maybe you’ll find out Friday or to the gates either way leads to adventure and maybe even loot.

See you at Joes Friday


Gristlecrack and friends
She don't play no games
The adventure began with our favorite heroes deciding to continue their search of Minderhalls valley aboveground. They came upon what had certainly been a giants camp. In the ashes of the fire pit they found the remains of some eaten humans but none of the group can speak with the dead so no more answers were found. A couple days later they met the giant led by a huge female mongrel hill giant (of Taiga ancestry) named Gristlecrack. She travel with a small group of regular and moss trolls. With good tactics it was a tough fight. But the heroes were able to survive with a few rather large scars. p. That evening they were attacked by an advanced spire drake named Karrak. Not a particularly difficult battle but it did catch them unarmored. Note, I liked the random encounter when you rest so that will be more common when you rest. Ideas for a fair chance are gladly accepted. You were also given a deck of cards that could grant a great boon or more than one but there is a challenging guardian(based on your level). All characters will not be required to draw. Each character can draw one time whenever they choose. If you decide to draw at different times you have to face the guardian each time. There are good, bad and good/bad possible results. I’m also still coming up with ideas for cards and welcome any thoughts. It will be weighted towards good results. Sorry to wander off on that tangent. p. The next day they came upon a temple as shown on the cave floor map. This was named the Aduromi’s chapel. Built in honor of her god Zursvaater. The main guardian was an enormous giant flytrap that was quite challenging. After defeating the huge plant they found a pile of false geodes that were trapped to explode if cracked in to. This had little if any effect on you. Eventually you found a secret door and inside you found a giant sized bag of holding and the real fire geodes. There are three and each weighs 750 pounds. These seem like they could be useful but you’re not exactly sure what you need to do with them. p. The last battle of the night came against several marsh giant wight. They hunted the spire drakes in this area and were turned into drakes when they died. Not a tough fight. Nearby you found a cave on a cliffside that was the lair of three spiredrakes, Scarrak and two found dead, killed by the marsh giants. In the lair you found several nice items including the drakesbane horn. But most importantly you found several tablets chiseled with archaic giant ruins. You were able to translate the runes and learned the process for lighting the fires of Minderhalls forge. p. This is where we will begin the next session. I’m looking forward to Saturday, it is unlikely you will level up mid session(not impossible, so think about it), if you don’t you will level up at the end of the night. See you then.


That painting isn't playing around.
It doesn't look that deep.
We began with Blazemore and the shortstacks:) deciding to swim to the bottom of a lake to see what was so interesting down there. You overcame a giant gar, (which you kindly let escape), some nasty toxic forge dust, several merrow and for old times sake a chuul. But in the end you found a prayer called the blessings of Rosag which you think is important but you have no clue what it might be used for. Next you headed north and came upon a dark passage that you wisely decided to investigate. In the cave you battle some cave giant, rock trolls led by Grumchog who was something called a buggane. There was also a mongrel cave giant with two pet frilled lizards but last and most strange of them all was the room with living cave painting, hopefully the strangest thing you will ever run into. But they like all that came before them were defeated. Giving you time to figure out that the floor is a map and with some items found earlier in the cave you figured out which direction was true north. Once you accomplished this you realized there were special places marked on the map and now you knew where they were. Indeed you realized that the temple at the bottom of the lake was marked on the map. There are three more places marked on the map. Could there be something important in each of these places? There are only a certain number of ways to find out. If you decide to head to the next closest place marked on the map you will have to follow the trail the giants took the captured humans earlier. We’ll see where your adventures take you on Saturday. We can go over the loot to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll see you Saturday.


Hi, my name is Reggie
People love my Buns
The session began with the group questioning the slaves(from Shinnerman’s fortune) they just rescued. They learned that another group of giants took a group of slaves and traveled ahead. They aren’t sure if Alderman Tarram Shinnerman is with the group. They doubted there would be any survivors in that group. They also learned that there is a giant cathedral they called Tinderhall, which you realized she meant Minderhall. None could remember the giant leaders name. p. p. While they camped for the night a friendly halfling approached the group. He introduced himself as Reggie Roundbuns. Upon learning that your party was heading into Minderhalls Valley he asked to join you. He was here on a task for some powerful wizard from Magnimar. He was collecting various spell ingredients from magical beasts known to be in the area. He promised and later proved to be very good to have on your side in a fight. And he made the most amazing roundbuns which sealed the deal. Truly Reggie was a friendly funloving sort all groups could use.p. With their new buddy in tow the group headed into Minderhalls valley. With Reggies guidance they found several amazing magical creatures and harvested the needed ingredients. They fought perytons, leucrottas, An ettin with a cave bear, several of a strange breed of giants called Veds. The most impressive creature they found was a giant chimera with the head of a black dragon. Sadly they weren’t the only ones with there eyes on the chimera. As they were finishing up they were attacked by a hill giant named Kragmuld and a few veds. Kragmuld was a very difficult foe but like all others fell before Blazemores party(lol). p. Having collected all of the ingredients he needed, Reggie would be teleported back home shortly but he wanted to reward you with some information he had acquired. He took them to the shore or a river/lake and (after taking out a few more giants). Reggie told them that there was a temple at the bottom of this lake, and he believes there is something hidden there. He overheard some giants talking about a temple at the bottom of the lake that may have something the big boss needs. With that Reggie went home telling you all that if you ever make it to Magnimar to look him up and promised you the greatest party of your life and 5 gold each.p. This session you will be getting some answers pertaining to what you need do and where you need to go. Does the forge exist, what is the name of that giant slaver and exactly how many giants are, in this valley and many other questions will be answered in Minderhalls valley.

See you all at my house Saturday at 430. It should be very fun.


A jaunt in the mountains
There may be scarring
The session began with the return of Skamp and Kan(Y)e. With a surprise companion an old “friend” of Kanes called “Forge” a distracted genius half elf who was a master smith. Kane brought him with the lure of a legendary forge. He is a nice enough fellow and is willing to share his extracts but usually forgets to offer them up. Forge has very little interest in taking part in combat. So he is with you but if you need to talk to him but remains distant unless approached. p. The journey to Minderhals valley was expected to be a very dangerous road, it didn’t disappoint. The heroes fought off a rift drake, a redcap ambush and a greater earth elemental before noon on the second day of travel. At that time they came upon a greater troll trying to break into a house to get at a crying baby within. Naturally our heroes would have none of it and quickly dispatched the foul beast. Now they had a young baby as a burden. Thankfully they came upon a village shortly after and the baby’s grandmother was able to take care of the child. p. The village had been attacked by a band of giants (mostly ogres) and several villager were captured. The villagers begged the party to try and save their kinfolk from the giants. The village had many injured and several damaged houses. The remaining villagers would be needed to help tend to the wounded and rebuild. The situation was so dire that Onteross decided his services would be more helpful in helping the desperate villagers. He had faith the party could save the captured towns folk from slavery or worse. He wished you well and hopes to you in the future. p. Onteross’ faith was rewarded when the party saved a pair of escaped slaves from a nasty jotunblood cyclops named Gsuruk. It was a tough battle but Gsuruk fell as all foes had fallen before him. The hunt continued. The session ended with the slaughter of a small band of ogres and the free of several more villagers. They said there was one more band of giants went on ahead, but they had no doubt those captured were beyond help now. we can begin this weekends session with you asking the freed villagers any questions you may have. p. I know this was a short writeup but most of the session was wandering monsters fun to fight but not advancing the story. I’m very excited for this Saturday, I hope you’re ready because there is more fighting in the forecast. There may even be an extra member of the party if Andys friend Mark chooses to join us. See you all Saturday at 430 at Joes.


Putting the betrayer to sleep.....
We began with our heroes in the city of Vigil. Warning the leaders of the capitol of Lastwall, that Trunau had survived a brutal assault and Most importantly an army of giants was forming in the Mindspin mountains. They were rewarded with some gold a nice suit of armor. They met the Onteross a cleric of Iomedae a student of tactics, warfare and lover of tales of adventure. Who after hearing your tales offered to accompany you on your trip to find and disrupt the forming of the giant army, you accepted. He has surely taught you much about the importance of tactics and how teamwork can be the difference between success and failure. Lastly he is from a very wealthy family and some seems to have very high quality food for everyone for every meal so you are all eating so well that when you rest you heal 2hp/level as long as he’s traveling with you. p. Next you made your way back home to Trunau to report your findings. Upon hearing the news Halgra asks you do anything you can to disrupt the forming of the giant army and save the entire region from certain doom. Having nothing better to do you agreed to go. You also had a map leading to the tomb of the giantslayer Nargrym Steelhand which was on the way.

Tomb of Nargrym Steelhand,

Upon approaching the tomb you were set upon by spiders, ettercaps, Stilgrit the mother of spiders a strange spider dwarf hybrid. All fell before you. You made your way to Nargryms tomb only to be locked in the tomb by Lokmorr the betrayer. Who was cursed by the deity Torag to never die (unless killed) and remain in a cage overlooking the tomb of Nargrym the hero he had murdered. But over the last 684 years he had managed to squeeze his way out even deforming himself to do so. He then desecrated Nargryms body and the rest of the tomb as well. But the betrayer met his end at your hands freeing the many treasures of the tomb. A legendary spear Heartspit armor made from giant fingernails and Nargryms steel hand. All went to Blazemore the leader (or at least poster child) of the new giantslayers.

p. This is where we left off and you will be heading to the area where the giant army is supposed to be. The journey will take about three days and there will be many chances for random encounter along your journey so be ready for some outdoor activities. See all of you on Saturday.
Well that went quick.
To Trunau and beyond!
Our intrepid heroes were all together again for the assault on Redlake fort. WIth good scouting and “everything just coming together” they were able to take out Grenseldek the hill giant leader of the Twisted heart tribe. A tribe of hill giants and orcs is a rare occurrence. But she was able to get them to work together and nearly defeated Trunau. She wanted the second part of a geode map, she had the first and figured out where the second would be. Other than her foolish attempt to court Volstus the Storm tyrant, she was pretty clever for a hill giant. p. The party found Umlo Nargrymkin, Ingrahilds brother first thing and instead of thelling the party to rescue him he sent them to the half orc oracle and the orc leaders unwilling concubine. She had predicted their arrival and hoped for a chance to meet them, hoping they would take her from this place she detested. If they took the fort down with them, it didn’t matter to her. When the party sought her out she told them she could get them past the first level of the fort if they could convince General Karguk to let them pass by offering to do him a favor. Taking out Grenseldek might do the trick. She was right and They convinced Karguk that they would kill Grenseldek and leave her treasure behind. Sure they would. p. Having learned about a sewer entrance they skipped passed nearly all of the forts defenders they found a ring on a dead body with the Blix family seal on it that Calrianne Blix would be interested in. They did have to defeat Gutterunch a disgusting ogre sorcerer and his two pregnant ogre assistants after walking in on them trying to talk to the non skull bones of the forts former castellan Tamand Varias. The party found his skull elsewhere. The fight wasn’t difficult and it alerted a few ogres bust torturing an orc just outside. At this point the sound of orcs and ogres fighting elsewhere in the fort could be heard. That was all it took to get to Grenseldeks chamber where after taking a few hard hits Grenseldek and her two pet wolves were no more. p. In Grenseldeks treasure they found the second half of the geode map leading to the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand(you found the first part in Uskroths tomb in Trunau. Nargrym is a great hero of Umlo and Ingrahilds clan. They beg to join you on our expedition to the tomb. Droja is also willing to accompany you if you will have her. This can be decided when we play. p. You learned the location of a valley in the Mindspin mountains where the storm tyrant is amassing an army of giants so large it will threaten not only Belkzen but all the other nations in the region. Sharing this information could be worth a reward. A trip to Vigil (the capital of Lastwall) would be a two day delay but would give you access to a semi large city. This might be your last chance to do this. You have some information they need to know and they could probably send out word to any other large cities in the region. p. The last session ended with the party in the forts chapel of Iomedae where they met the ghost of Fabian Blix, Calriannes great grandfather. He told them some of the forts history. Like how he was the first one cannibalized when Tamind Varias turned to cannibalism to feed the fort. He told them the ring they found on the skeleton in the sewers should be given to his ancestor if possible. By placing the skull and skeleton of Tamind Varias on the alter and destroying it they put Fabian Blix to rest. At this moment the holy symbol in the temple glowed brightly and appeared cleaner and in better condition and radiated a more powerful but unrecognizable magic. Droja thinks only a priest of Iomedae could unleash its magic. Probably very valuable to such a person. p. This is where we left off. You can be in the chapel, on the ship sailing home, With Calrianne Blix, at the fork in the river where you would leave the boat for the two day trip two Vigil or all the way back in Trunau. You can decide on Saturday. p. See you Saturday at Joes, If you have any questions let me know.



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