Rey "Flapjacks" Pebbles

Halfling Underfoot adept Monk


Very, small and focused. She is extremely committed to her studies monk studies to the point that she come off much less playful than your average halfling. That isn’t to say she isn’t playful she is just more focused than halflings usually are. She came to Trunau two years earlier from Lastwall. To put her training in tripping up those larger than herself. She thought orcs would be excellent targets for her abilities. When she decides to relax and enjoy herself she loves sing and dancing and shes nearly as good at dancing as she is bad at singing. Haha she appreciates a good joke as well. She is very kind hearted and honorable. She has developed a close relationship with one of the pc’s but we can decide that later. She is a good stealthy scout, can pick locks, won’t be much help with knowledge but there are a couple she can learn if you need her to. As an npc she will get an automatic 10 in the roll for any knowledge checks.
p. You will all learn that Flapjacks has a secret, she has an alternate identity, when she rolls a 5 or two random numbers for the evening Flapjacks will immediately transform into Skamp O’possum Tiffs lava gnome fire elemental sorceress. Is will be instantaneous no matter what the situation is. If the roll succeeds in whatever it was trying to do that action will happen and then the swap. For instance the number for the night is 20 and she rolls it a hits an opponent the blow will fall then the other will appear. Both character will have to die on the same day for either of them to be killed, if one goes down the other will immediately appear. I know this is all weird and new and if it proves unworkable it can be stopped at any time. It’s meant to add a little fun and anarchy into the mix. I curious to see how it goes.
p. So you know the reason that this happens in that Skamp and Flapjacks are actually very good friends who got caught in a mysterious burst of chaotic magic and they are cursed into this shape changing and there is probably a way to undo it but not at easily. They wear the same clothes and carry the same items and any magic affecting one affects the other after the transformation. A monk and sorceress shouldn’t be the most difficult to manage and neither wear armor so I think it will be fun. I’m also interested if anyone has any suggestions about this idea.


Rey "Flapjacks" Pebbles

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