At first glance, Pigpen looks gruffer and grubbier than your standard gnome. But this grey-skinned svirfneblin has had a tough and interesting life.
He was born and raised in the underdark beneath the Mindspin mountains. He always had an affinity for the earth and stone and was on a path to become a master stonesmith while apprenticing under Master Rubblesford. Alas, he would never reach his potential due to the unfortunate razing and destruction of his underground village by a pair of juvenile magma dragons (Dragonfoe giantslayer trait). Pigpen, only 35 years old, was able to hide and protect himself from the superhot dragon breath by hiding in hidden stone alcove he had painstakingly hollowed out as part of his training.
Pigpen then spent a few years in the underdark wandering and just trying to survive, and eventually he emerged onto the surface in Belzken. He didn’t know the common languages of the surface people, and mainly kept to himself.
During one hunting expedition for food, he was captured by a band of orcs, but lucky for him a small group of humans led by Patrol leader Jagrin Grath rescued him along with a few other humans that were also being held prisoner and he was brought back to Trunau.

Now, 10 years later at the age of 50, Pigpen has learned the common tongue and has mainly done odd jobs around the town involving keeping the stone barricades strong. He lives in a small room in the deep cellars of the Longhouse where he feels more comfortable as it is nearby the magical “seigestone”. He has watched the young sons of Jagrin Grath grow up to be patrol captains. And just recently, perhaps due to the proximity of the seigestone, he has began to manifest some powers of his own. He is able to call forth chunks of earth and send them hurling up to 30 feet. With some effort which sometimes drains him, he can reach distances of up to 120 feet with his blast of stones. At will, he can form the earth into blunt round clumps, sharp slashing shards, or even piercing pointy shapes. He is also able to move small amounts of earth with his mind.

It took a few years, but Pigpen is finally feeling like he has a home. He has some good friends and is especially excited to attend the Hopeknife Festival, where the youth of the town come of age.

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Pigpen will be a Svirfneblin (a deep gnome) Kineticist (new class that has ranged energy blasts-he is starting out with earth as his element). I plan on taking the trait which allows him to have disable device as a class skill and detect magical traps. If any of you would rather be the “trap-guy” I can pick a different trait. He’s pretty stealthy and sometimes when he uses his powers a cloud of dust and earthen debris follows him.


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