Well that went quick.

To Trunau and beyond!

Our intrepid heroes were all together again for the assault on Redlake fort. WIth good scouting and “everything just coming together” they were able to take out Grenseldek the hill giant leader of the Twisted heart tribe. A tribe of hill giants and orcs is a rare occurrence. But she was able to get them to work together and nearly defeated Trunau. She wanted the second part of a geode map, she had the first and figured out where the second would be. Other than her foolish attempt to court Volstus the Storm tyrant, she was pretty clever for a hill giant. p. The party found Umlo Nargrymkin, Ingrahilds brother first thing and instead of thelling the party to rescue him he sent them to the half orc oracle and the orc leaders unwilling concubine. She had predicted their arrival and hoped for a chance to meet them, hoping they would take her from this place she detested. If they took the fort down with them, it didn’t matter to her. When the party sought her out she told them she could get them past the first level of the fort if they could convince General Karguk to let them pass by offering to do him a favor. Taking out Grenseldek might do the trick. She was right and They convinced Karguk that they would kill Grenseldek and leave her treasure behind. Sure they would. p. Having learned about a sewer entrance they skipped passed nearly all of the forts defenders they found a ring on a dead body with the Blix family seal on it that Calrianne Blix would be interested in. They did have to defeat Gutterunch a disgusting ogre sorcerer and his two pregnant ogre assistants after walking in on them trying to talk to the non skull bones of the forts former castellan Tamand Varias. The party found his skull elsewhere. The fight wasn’t difficult and it alerted a few ogres bust torturing an orc just outside. At this point the sound of orcs and ogres fighting elsewhere in the fort could be heard. That was all it took to get to Grenseldeks chamber where after taking a few hard hits Grenseldek and her two pet wolves were no more. p. In Grenseldeks treasure they found the second half of the geode map leading to the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand(you found the first part in Uskroths tomb in Trunau. Nargrym is a great hero of Umlo and Ingrahilds clan. They beg to join you on our expedition to the tomb. Droja is also willing to accompany you if you will have her. This can be decided when we play. p. You learned the location of a valley in the Mindspin mountains where the storm tyrant is amassing an army of giants so large it will threaten not only Belkzen but all the other nations in the region. Sharing this information could be worth a reward. A trip to Vigil (the capital of Lastwall) would be a two day delay but would give you access to a semi large city. This might be your last chance to do this. You have some information they need to know and they could probably send out word to any other large cities in the region. p. The last session ended with the party in the forts chapel of Iomedae where they met the ghost of Fabian Blix, Calriannes great grandfather. He told them some of the forts history. Like how he was the first one cannibalized when Tamind Varias turned to cannibalism to feed the fort. He told them the ring they found on the skeleton in the sewers should be given to his ancestor if possible. By placing the skull and skeleton of Tamind Varias on the alter and destroying it they put Fabian Blix to rest. At this moment the holy symbol in the temple glowed brightly and appeared cleaner and in better condition and radiated a more powerful but unrecognizable magic. Droja thinks only a priest of Iomedae could unleash its magic. Probably very valuable to such a person. p. This is where we left off. You can be in the chapel, on the ship sailing home, With Calrianne Blix, at the fork in the river where you would leave the boat for the two day trip two Vigil or all the way back in Trunau. You can decide on Saturday. p. See you Saturday at Joes, If you have any questions let me know.



thx for recap

Well that went quick.

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