Welcome back to Trunau

Rough night

As the party returned and noticed the blue flames in the plague houses firepit. They entered determined to find out what was going on. Alas by the time they got to the basement whoever was meeting there had fled. They found a local pig farmer tied up in the furnace room and he informed them that he had heard his captor speaking to something in a language that he didn’t understand. The left determined to return the following night to catch their prey in the act. p. The next morning Kurst Grath came to them in the morning and asked them to attend his brother Rodriks funeral at sunset that evening at the flame of the fallen. They agreed and waited for the funeral that night, Planning to return to the plaguehouse afterwards. When the ceremony (which was lovely), everyone was gathered chatting when the quiet night was interrupted by the crash of flaming catapult fire. Trunau was under attack. Kurst asked the party to light the three remaining unlit beacons. Telling them saving the citizens was more important than the killing of the orc. Send any townsfolk to the longhouse. p. The party didn’t make it far when the saw a group of townsfolk led by Baseil Sabak a cleric from the counting house(temple of Abadar) threatening Brinya Rodriks fiance. Threatening her due to her half orc heritage. Fighting for the real Trunauans. Our heroes attempts to calm the mob with words failed and things would have went badly if chief defender Halgra hadn’t shown up and calmed the mob, disappointed in the party for letting this mob get out of hand. “You’ll have to do better if we’re all going to survive this”. They lit the second beacon and headed for the gate that led to the next beacon. (FYI- Rodriks pyre is the first beacon). p. As they approached the gate they heard the sound of a flaming boulder crashing through the roof of a house on just the other side of the gate. They could hear someone in the flaming house calling for help and rushed to do so. Inside they found Sara Morninghawk trapped under a broken beam and her wife Agrit Staginsdar trying to free her. Kane, Blazemore and Thornbeard fought through thick smoke to help free Sara and were eventually able to do so. During that period two orcs ran up to attack whoever was nearby and were put down by Pigpen and Scamp. They wouldn’t be the only orcs they would kill this night. Agrit rewarded them with a silver necklace center by a first level pearl of power. p. They were able to kill many other this evening most notably the skald Kagak and his bombardierskeeping them away from their ballista. They were also able to save the proprietor of the Killin’ Ground Rabus Clarenston who promised them free ale forever and gave them some medical supplies including two vials of soothe syrup which you may want to look up. I believe it’s helpful in curing addiction etc. p. Other than that it was just an orc trainer and several orcs looting in some houses. Most importantly they saw a force with siege weapons outside the city that would need to be stopped if they were to win this battle. But our heroes still need to light the last beacon and get out the front gate to get at their most dangerous foes.


these orcs fucked with the wrong town!

Welcome back to Trunau

This sweet and wholesome-tasting
blue liquid creates a sense of
warmth and comfort. Soothe syrup
coats your stomach and makes
it much more difficult for you to
succumb to queasiness. For 1 hour
after drinking soothe syrup, you
gain a +5 alchemical bonus on saving throws made to resist
effects that would make you nauseated or sickened.

Welcome back to Trunau

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