They riseth up

5 sabotage byatches

It was a very successful night of sabotage. You were able to destroy the camps supply of alcohol although the brewer of said alcohol recognized your prowess early on and fled like a complete wuss. He is still around and you will definitely run into him again. In the brewers room you found a number of alchemical ingredients that you used to spoil the food stored in the camps silo.
  • You rigged the mine to collapse when giants passed through. This will shut down the mine for the near future.
  • You shut down the camps forge. The forge was a pretty unique version of a forge. A female frost giant named Aerndel(?) has tamed two remorhaz to rest under surface the small lake with its incredibly hot ridges on their back protruding through the ice supplying the heat necessary to forge metal. This method was used because frost giant aren’t good at forging metal due to their vulnerability to hot temperatures. There was a fire giant there that was teaching and doing most of the actual work. You killed all four and earned your fourth point of the day.
  • You were having so much success you decided to destroy the camps shrine to Themmyr. It was guarded by 3 thremmindyrs. Evil cold outsiders that were no match for your might.
  • You are now attacking the buildings at the top level, there is a large slave pen with a lot of slaves. There is a building near the shrine that appears to be some kind of lodging. Those seem like places to consider. Maybe clear them out before hitting up the Longhouse. The biggest building in the camp.
  • It was a very productive night, setting up the culmination of your assault on the giant training grounds. Bigger stronger better foes lie ahead and better treasure will be the reward. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m excited for you to get to meet some of the decision makers. Whenever the next date is, Thanks for the fun, we’ll plan our next foray in the near future until then stay beautiful.




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