Putting the betrayer to sleep.....


We began with our heroes in the city of Vigil. Warning the leaders of the capitol of Lastwall, that Trunau had survived a brutal assault and Most importantly an army of giants was forming in the Mindspin mountains. They were rewarded with some gold a nice suit of armor. They met the Onteross a cleric of Iomedae a student of tactics, warfare and lover of tales of adventure. Who after hearing your tales offered to accompany you on your trip to find and disrupt the forming of the giant army, you accepted. He has surely taught you much about the importance of tactics and how teamwork can be the difference between success and failure. Lastly he is from a very wealthy family and some seems to have very high quality food for everyone for every meal so you are all eating so well that when you rest you heal 2hp/level as long as he’s traveling with you. p. Next you made your way back home to Trunau to report your findings. Upon hearing the news Halgra asks you do anything you can to disrupt the forming of the giant army and save the entire region from certain doom. Having nothing better to do you agreed to go. You also had a map leading to the tomb of the giantslayer Nargrym Steelhand which was on the way.

Tomb of Nargrym Steelhand,

Upon approaching the tomb you were set upon by spiders, ettercaps, Stilgrit the mother of spiders a strange spider dwarf hybrid. All fell before you. You made your way to Nargryms tomb only to be locked in the tomb by Lokmorr the betrayer. Who was cursed by the deity Torag to never die (unless killed) and remain in a cage overlooking the tomb of Nargrym the hero he had murdered. But over the last 684 years he had managed to squeeze his way out even deforming himself to do so. He then desecrated Nargryms body and the rest of the tomb as well. But the betrayer met his end at your hands freeing the many treasures of the tomb. A legendary spear Heartspit armor made from giant fingernails and Nargryms steel hand. All went to Blazemore the leader (or at least poster child) of the new giantslayers.

p. This is where we left off and you will be heading to the area where the giant army is supposed to be. The journey will take about three days and there will be many chances for random encounter along your journey so be ready for some outdoor activities. See all of you on Saturday.


THX for the recap. See you saturday

Putting the betrayer to sleep.....

ready for action


Putting the betrayer to sleep.....

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