Defending Trunau

Is he dead?

Our heroes completed many heroic tasks in defense of Trunau. They saved a traveling salesman from being robbed and likely killed at the hands of Urnsul the former emplyee of Sara the blacksmith. They found and rescued local celebrity Silvermane the druid. reviving him and getting him back to the safety of the healers. Next they helped Omast Frum become sober and fend off several waves of enemies trying to get into the upper section of the town. p. They were finally able to make it into the lower city and get the final beacon lit. On there way they learned of a group of orc firing a catapult into the town and doing a lot of damage. They rushed through the towns gates and quickly dispatched the band and were able to disable the catapult. As the finished a towns person ran up to them and informed them that a group of orcs with a chained up cave giant that they were using to pound a hole through what they though was a natural stone wall adjacent to the Hopespring. By the time they arrived the giant had already pounded through the wall opening a cave entrance none in the town knew existed. An orc and a flood troll had already entered. p. Because of their many heroic deeds many live were saved there were more people to help defend Trunau and there were less orcs to help control the giant and keep the humans out of the tunnel. Indeed there were so few left the giant and all of the remaining orcs fell with relative ease. Now the cave entrance lies open before you. Also there are a few questions that would need to be answered. Who was the orc that went in with the flood troll, how did they know this cave existed. What was inside the cave and why did the orcs go to such great lengths to get to it. p. These questions and probably a few more will be answered this Saturday. If you have any questions let me know I like answering them here for permanent documentation. See you Saturday you will most likely make level four sometime during the night so feel free to be ready for that.


thanks for the recap. It sounds like we will start off at whatever status we left on. Pigpen will be ready to get into an underground cave, a terrain he is comfortable in.

Defending Trunau

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