And thats that.

What are you doing?

The evening began with the party tracking the place where the bugbear sorceress was meeting with some frost giants to sell some slaves. You were eventually able to find the spot and dispose of the sorceress and her companions. I as far as you know no one else knows how to open the secret entrances into the cave/compound where you saved the slaves in the first place. You can feel free to design the layout, there are entrances at two ends, a sealed adamantine door in the floor(DC 50 disable device) you got the key from the body of the spellcaster. The cells don’t have to be permanent. there is plenty of space for up to 100 slave and yourselves. You don’t have to do anything with this if it doesn’t interest you.p.

p. Then you headed back to the frost giant camp. You were able to get into the mess hall, kill Qupenarth and his twin female hill giant assistant cooks. Which gave you the sabotage point for the mess hall. You also found a giant bane torc of enmity(if I didn’t before I can show a sidebar about this item) and a large frost giant-hide armor. When you left the mess hall someone got bold and gave away your secrecy costing you one outrage point. These were all of the significant happenings from the last session. p. p. I would just like to say that this book has been a struggle for me to run. I’m terrible at note taking. I’m slow at it and to be honest I don’t usually remember to do it. With this being a more wide open “sandbox” adventure and I realize I need to make a concerted effort to do better. The most difficult part for me is being ready for a wide variety of potential encounters at the same time. I can do it, I may have to occasionally take a minute here or there to reread the scenarios to make sure i don’t forget the good stuff. When I feel rushed(I do this to myself) my reading comprehension gets shaky so…… I just thought I’d let you know how this has been trying me. Feel free to go to any of the places I’ve read up on all of them so I’m “ready” for any of the lower levels. You should make another level before you try the top level. There are a ton of things to do, the silo, the mammoth stockade and a few other places you’ve seen and every place has something to do in it. p. When you get back to the cave Ferris informs you that his friend in Vigil is willing to shop for any items you need that you have the gold to buy. He won’t sell your loot for you. So if you need something feel free to do some shopping if you have cash. So you will be level 11 and free to do some shopping. I am looking forward to tomorrow, see you then.



thx for the recap.
I agree that it can be tough to run sandbox areas. There are so many interconnecting pieces, and so many ways things could go just based on the order of exploration. I wouldn’t worry too much about remembering everything, You can always make things up as you go, or re-arrange where encounters happen or add in anything important you forgot in a future session. We don’t know how its “supposed” to go , so don’t worry about getting it perfect.
I think you are doing a fine job, and I am enjoying it.

also the hideout area could be a good place for the slaves to hole up until we resolve the situation here.

Werent we considering causing some chaos with the mammoths? Maybe that can work as a distraction while we sabotage a different area?

See you all tomorrow

And thats that.

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