#1a-stuff to do next time

Some things to ask around town about next time, that I forgot to pursue.

1. rumors of a troll? need more info
2. A town thats been more or less safe inside the walls has wild dieseased wolves running around? Who is working the gate that day? how did they get into the town? maybe the drunk guy?
3. An inn with no history of foul play, and we get almost tpk-ed at night. we should press harder to find out how that happened. And the corpses of the couple people who didnt run away, can anyone recognize them?
4. what is patrol leader grath (rodriks dad) up to all this time, maybe talk to him
5. more to explore at that plague house?
6. remember to track down the drunk guy and get him sober.

anyone else have questions or things they want to do in town? at least they are documented here, cause i’ll probably forget.


good to keep it fresh in our minds

#1a-stuff to do next time

We can assume you brought up some of these questions when you talked with Kurst Grath.

1, Trolls are not common in the area, if one or more is nearby there must be a reason.

2, He has no idea how the "diseased wolves got into town.

3, As for the assassins Trunau is not a closed city so anyone can get into town. He or his guards don’t recognize the assassins. But he agrees someone must have sent them. Maybe it’s connected with his brothers investigation/murder.

4, Jagrin Grath does more office work at this point, trusting his sons to do the more active work in organizing the towns defense. He takes a more active roll in defending the town when his presence is required. He has been organizing Rodriks funeral and mourning the last couple days. Kurst knows more about the day to day activities at this time. You did notice that Kurst has calmed down a bit and is starting to show potential to be a good replacement for his father. He was willing to take a backseat to his brother but now is realizing he has to step up and lead. You think he may be pretty good at it.

5, Kurst thinks at this point the plague house is the best place to find clues. He thinks his brothers investigation of the plaguehouse may be what got all of these terrible attacks started. You mentioned to him the empty fire pit and he suggested it may be used to signal for someone and if you went there at night maybe you can find out who.

6, Omast is usually pretty easy to find.

Other-Kurst is very curious about what someone was so worried about Rodrik uncovering that they would resort to murder to stop his investigation. He suspects the same person may be involved in the wolves and assassins but obviously has no evidence.

If there are other thoughts you have I’m very willing to try to answer any questions you may have.


#1a-stuff to do next time

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