#1, Invitation

It begins

To all residents and guests of Trunau,

On the 21st day of the fifth month of this year, you are all cordially invited to celebrate with us in commons. We will be conducting the Hopeknife celebration for chief defender Halgras youngest daughter Ruby. There will be food, two free drinks, dancing and music for all. It is sure to be a wonderful night and we hope you are able to celebrate with us on this wonderful occasion.

Chief defender Halgra

The hopeknife celebration is a tradition in Trunau. On a childs twelfth birthday(meaning they have come of age) each child receives their very own hopeknife which they keep with them at all times. They are taught where the four major arteries in the humanoid body are located and vow that they will protect Trunau and use their knife on friend, family and even themselves if the orcs ever overtake the town. There is more info in the players guide.

It should be fun, see you Saturday,



I suppose I could be convinced to come out of the cellars for some good food and drink, but dancing? i’m not so sure.

#1, Invitation

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